Application Process

  • Deadline for the MBA and undergraduate 2019/2020 exchange term(s):
    January 21, 2019

Students who meet the eligibility requirements must follow the steps on this page in order to complete the application process.

When filling out the online application, students will be asked to rank the top three (3) universities to which they would like to apply.

Application Steps

  1. Apply online. The first time you visit the online application please click on the “Register” link.
  2. Complete all required fields on the online application form and click on “Save”. You will also have to attach the following documents to your online application:
    1. Resume
      This can be a standard resume that you would use when seeking employment. It should outline your skills and abilities and present who you are as a person.
    2. Statement of Interest
      A statement of interest is a document in which you describe and explain your intent to study abroad. An emphasis should be placed on the benefit an exchange will have to your academics, but goals and desires of a personal nature can also be shared. The statement of interest should be approximately one page in length (approximately 250 – 500 words). Please be sure to put as much effort and care into the statement of interest as you would any other piece of academic work. Spelling and grammatical errors should be strictly avoided. The statement of interest is reviewed by the selection committee and is a direct reflection of you, so be sure it is of high quality.
    3. Assessment of Language Competence (if applicable)
      If the language of study at the host institution is not English, students will be required to pass an assessment of language competence. Students will be assessed by one of the language assessors who will complete a form for you.
  3. If you are applying for schools that have MacAbroad partnerships and have a cumulative GPA of less than 7.0 on the McMaster GPA scale, you will need to submit 1 academic letter of reference from a professor or teaching assistant (TA). Please note that a letter of reference is not needed to apply through BizX, but is needed to apply through MacAbroad. Please check the MacAbroad website for more information about reference letter specifications.
  4. Submit 2 official transcripts before the application deadline that include the most recent Fall term grades. Submit 2 final transcripts after April exams that include the most recent Winter term grades.
    Tip:  Transcript can be requested through MOSAIC.  You can submit a transcript request form at any time; remember to ensure that we have transcripts of your Fall term grades in January, and then your Fall and Winter term grades in April.
  5. Once nominated, undergraduate students must meet with an Academic Advisor for course approval. MBA students will similarly meet with either Maddy Burley or Carolyn Colwell. (See the pre-approved course lists below to get started.) Students may choose three universities for potential exchanges. A “Proposed Study Plan” must be submitted for all three institutions. A list of available courses will be available in the host institution’s course calendar. Once the courses have been approved, the Academic Advisor will also approve the courses listed on the online application.
  6. Undergraduate students
    MBA students

    For courses not on the pre-approved list, you must fill out a course equivalency request with the host university’s course descriptions and submit it to BizX.

    Note: Course selections must be made before your application is submitted.  Applicants must then arrange an appointment with a general Academic Advisor.

  7. Determine the course load you will need.







    4 courses = 5 MCMASTER COURSES
    3 courses = 4 MCMASTER COURSES



    4 courses = 5 MCMASTER COURSES
    3 courses = 4 MCMASTER COURSES



    4 courses = 5 MCMASTER COURSES
    3 courses = 4 MCMASTER COURSES


    JAPAN20 credits = 5 MCMASTER COURSES

    * For areas not listed above, please contact

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