Serena Loy

To the future exchange students and students who are considering this experience: you’ve got to do it! You’ve got to make the most of it. It is one of the most enriching experiences that can open your eyes to the world, if you let it. I personally can’t wait to save my money again, and prepare to travel as much of the world as I can, and maybe do another exchange in future studies.

Entering my last year in school, I wanted to improve my French and the best way I knew how would be to live in the country, and live in the language. Not only was I able to polish my French, but I was able to immerse myself in the diversity that I could only experience through an exchange program, with students who were in the same boat as me from around the world. I found out just how much you can learn from the beauty you’ll see and even the obstacles you’ll face in being confronted with a foreign culture. It is one of the most Serena Loyenriching experiences that can open your heart to the world, and if you are even slightly considering an exchange program, you’ve got to do it. As the French would say, il faut en profiter!

Serena Loy
NEOMA Business School

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